• Darren Nesbit

Musician Darren became interested in the Flat Earth in 2014. He says: “It took six months to fully question, research and then accept we are on a fixed enclosed plane and not an impossibly rotating ball in a vast cosmos.” Darren was convinced by two things. He says: “One is that, go look or stand outside - the world is clearly not moving! I know they fudge a whole load of nonsensical reasons why we don't feel this 1,038 + 67,000 + 500,000 mph motion in different directions but anyone who's ever been in an earthquake knows what it feels like when the earth really is moving and not perfectly stable. The other is that no matter where you live on this supposed ball, you seem to live right on top of it. Someone should be living on the side of the ball, with a perfectly vertical landscape, and people should be living underneath it, walking upside down.”

Darren adds: “I think this inaugural UK Flat Earth Conference will give people a chance to really debate all the issues and find out why people have come to the beliefs they currently have. I'm also hoping it's a great opportunity to change a few minds.”

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