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I run my own business and have done so since 2000, having worked for an international fire company prior to that. I like to run, partly due to wanting to keep fit, but mainly so I can eat almost what I wanted.

Like many people in flat earth, I stumbled across it by accident. I was randomly looking up YouTube videos in August 2015 and then came across Flat Earth Clues, by Mark Sargent. Throughout the 2 hour video I was convinced (and hoped) that what I had just witnessed was 100% correct, as it felt very right. I started looking at this subject in more detail and also realized that most around me were either oblivious or aggressively defensive about the globe.

For the next 18 months or so my time was mainly taken up with just watching YouTube, and went to one flat earth meet. Interaction with anyone in flat earth was very rare, so I had no idea what was going on behind the scenes or how big it was becoming. In March 2017 I came across the Sun and Moon Group, which started off no different to the 5 or 6 other groups that I had joined prior to this. However, this was a bit different, as I was invited to my very first hangout. This was a new experience for me, what is a hangout? Did I even know how to log in to a hangout? A few months of these now familiar hangouts (have the T Shirt) and the odd flat earth meet started to take shape.

Fast forward a few months and I started to look in to the merits of helping to put on a flat earth convention in the UK. Little did I know that this soon developed in to planning and organising the event from scratch, something I have never attempted previously. With the help of Sun and Moon reaching a lot of known speakers, the programme started to build really quickly. A lot of changes have taken place since, one being the now huge involvement of Didi. We are making huge headway moving in to the new year.

In starting my flat earth journey has certainly been an eye opener. However, the first 18 months do not register compared to what has taken place in the last 6 months (convention onwards). Everything has grown exponentially, mainly in good ways, but we are dealing with people after all.

Part of this story is still being written, so consider popping back again to see it unfold. April 2018 will be a huge month for me, both scary and exciting. Is it a destination or a stepping stone?

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