• Mike Cavanaugh

Mechanical and technical engineer and part time astronomer, Mike got into FE after being a “vicious flat earth debunker. ” Mike says, "Rob Skiba turned my world upside in one hour when he broke down the Apollo programme in a YouTube video. I went to the beach that night with all my equipment to prove Rob was wrong. After a while I decided to point my telescope to the horizon and then it hit me like a ton of bricks. I could see stuff that in no way should be able to see on the ball. From that moment on I went full blown into finding out how this cosmological system would work on a flat earth.

He teamed up with flat earthers Dr Zack and Steve Torrence, who were both creating realistic 3D models. They started testing to reverse engineer the spherical model into a flat model. That was in September 2016. Here I am now finally confident enough to present a working flat earth model based on science, geometry and observations.

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